"Urban Flea Market"
Located at
4065 Oceanside Blvd. Ste.H
Oceanside  Ca  92056

Directions to the shop:
1. Heading east on O'Side Blvd, watch
for signs; located directly behind
Groomingdale's Pet Salon on the right.
2. Heading west on O'Side Blvd, pass the entrance driveway; go to the next turnout,
do a U-turn; then turn right into the driveway.
3. Heading North on College at O'Side Blvd.,
turn left; enter the Commerce Center at
Avenida de Oro or go to turnout, do a U-turn;
then right into the driveway.
4. Heading South on College at O'Side Blvd.,
turn right, then follow directions in #3 above.
If all else fails, please give us a call!

The front door at "Urban Flea Market"
4065 Oceanside Blvd., Ste. H
Oceanside  Ca 92056

Turn in here on Oceanside Blvd
(we are behind Groomingdale Dog Salon)

You will see our sign on
Oceanside Blvd when we are Open