This Week at The Warehouse

OPEN  Tuesday July 28, 9am to 3pm

OPEN  Saturday August 1, 9am to 3pm

in Rancho Santa Fe

Saturday August 1, 9am to 2pm

see "Upcoming Sales" tab for more information & photos

50% OFF All Trunk Show!!

Jewelry, Purses, Shoes, Clothing

Sale starts Saturday August 1, 9am

This Week at The Warehouse

OPEN  Tuesday July 21, 9am to 3pm

OPEN  Saturday July 25, 9am to 3pm

Super Specials for Saturday July 25th

All TOOLS  50% OFF


All RUGS 50% OFF

"Jewelry & Purse Trunk Show"

Continues this Week

New for Saturday!
Shoes (size 7-8)
Some clothes!

How many purses did you buy?

Justin aka "Vacuumologist"
serviced and cleaned our vacuums!
Thank you Justin, great job!

This Week at The Warehouse

OPEN  Tuesday July 14, 9am to 3pm

OPEN  Friday July 17, 9am to 3pm

OPEN  Saturday July 18, 9am to 3pm

It's time for our 2 Day Marketplace Event this week!

With our popular "Pop Up Vintage Market" on Saturday

and a Food Truck on site!

"Back Door Bargains" on Saturday

plus two special events

"Jewelry & Purse Trunk Show"

100's of new purses & jewelry
see "Jewelry & Purses" tab for photos

"Vacuum Cleaning Service"
by Justin
on Friday and Saturday

Bring in your vacuum cleaner for a service!

with a few of his vacuum cleaners in his collection!

Justin will be available to clean & repair 
your vacuum cleaners! 

Justin A.K.A "Vacuumologist"

Justin is almost eleven years old and started out his interest in vacuums with a toy Hoover given to him as a gift when he was one year old.  
Most toddlers love to play with their mother's vacuum, but the depth of his vacuum obsession was apparent when he was three and could already read and spell several words.  
Those words were not mom or dad, dog or cat, but Eureka, Elextrolux, Hoover, and Dyson.  
It was not long before he began collecting vacuums, taking them apart, and fixing them for neighbors and family. He has kept a scrapbook of vacuum advertisements and is friends with every vacuum shop owner within a fifty mile radius.

  Earlier this year, he attended the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association national convention in Las Vegas and made quite an impression with his technical knowledge of their products and was invited to return again next year. 

This Week at The Warehouse

OPEN  Tuesday July 7, 9am to 3pm

OPEN  Saturday July 11, 9am to 3pm

New arrivals, some photos now posted!

Nintendo DS, Pokeman 
Dragon Ball, Beyblade, X Box
Lawn Mower
Garden Tools Total Gym
and so much more!


It was a busy 4th of July at Coast 101's Warehouse!

This Week at The Warehouse

OPEN  Tuesday June 30, 10am to 3pm

OPEN  Saturday July 4, 9am to 3pm


Celebrate the 4th of July with us!

Coast 101 will be open on Saturday July 4, 9am to 3pm

Back Door Bargains!

ALL RUGS 50% off

Fresh Watermelon & Lemonade!
final reductions on all 
"Sleeping Indian Estate"

This Week at The Warehouse

OPEN  Tuesday June 23, 10am to 3pm

OPEN  Saturday June 27, 9am to 3pm

New Buy Out arriving this week!
Check back on Friday for photos!

The Tool Shed at
Coast 101's Warehouse


Coast 101's Warehouse will be OPEN
on Saturday July 4th