This Week at The Warehouse
OPEN  Tuesday May 13th  10am to 3pm
OPEN  Friday May 16th 9am to 3pm
OPEN  Saturday May 17th 9am to 3pm
Our Monthly 2 Day Marketplace Event
is this week!
Grill Master Aaron will be grilling on
Saturday from 11am to 2pm

update.....We will be bringing in an Estate Buyout
on Thursday May 15th
Just in time for our 2 Day Marketplace Event!!

It was another busy Saturday at Coast 101!
We sold the old Ford Truck!
So we had to move a whole bunch of furniture!
Push the truck out, then put the furniture back!

Move the furniture to roll the truck out!
Let's party before moving the truck!

Bill is in charge of steering!


Kevin and his new truck


Diane found some great vintage photos!

While Tracy was busy at the checkout counter,
Christine and Clair moved the furniture back!
The Warehouse looks fabulous again!
just another day at Coast 101