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Julia checks out the Dutailier Glider
she and hubby James purchased for their nursery room!

Travis purchased handmade 
Dream Catcher by Macken's

Jackie purchased a fabulous vintage glass lamp

Pamela purchased this fabulous painting

Steve purchased this unique handmade boat

A busy Saturday at Coast 101

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I want to personally announce to all of our loyal and supportive customers that I will be closing the
Coast 101 Estate Services Warehouse
on March 31, 2016.

This was not an easy decision for me to make.
The Warehouse has become a unique shopping destination for many of you. We have met and made many new friends along this journey.

2015 presented many challenges that influenced my decision to move on while we are still ahead.
Rising labor costs along with fixed monthly business expenses coupled with affordable pricing, takes a balancing act that has become difficult to manage.
I want to enjoy life more while I am still healthy and able to explore other options.

We will sell to the walls! Display fixtures, storage bins, office equipment, shelving, lighting, inventory,
and the like will all be liquidated during March. 

Our final day of business will
be Saturday, March 26, 2016. Watch for 
weekly specials posted in February & March.

Thank you all for being such a special part of
the Coast 101 Team.

We will continue to facilitate estate sales and estate service consultations.

Again, thank you for the incredible ride!